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Free vedic astrology free astrology Prediction services free indian astrology free hindu astrology true horoscopes accurate future predictions free horoscope consultancy Congratulation!!! Successful man does right karma in right direction at right time whilst unsuccessful person fails in that. If somehow unsuccessful person also comes to know his right karma and right direction at the right time, doubtlessly he would be in the counting of successful man. This is called Cuspal longitude of ascendant where certain sign, star, sub and sub-sub rise. With respect to ascendant Cuspal longitude, other houses and Cuspal positions form.

Cuspal position is co-ruled by the sign lord, star lord, sub lord and sub-sub lord. In Cuspal Interlinks Khullar System , sub-sub arc is practically ultimate division and Cuspal sub-sub lord is the agent who interacts with other Cusps and Bhava. In Cuspal Interlinks Theory Mr. Khullar has uniquely described all about the interaction and interlinks or interrelationship of Cuspal sub-sub lords.

A Cuspal sub-sub lord i. Nature of such established relation of Cuspal sub-sub lord and cusp is further specified and modified by the sub lord of the Cuspal sub-sub lord. That Cuspal sub-sub lord is meaningfully related with that cusp or not; it is revealed the sub-sub lord of the Cuspal sub-sub lord. It is termed as the planet involved the cusp through its star lord. The Sub Sub Lord of Sub Sub Lord of planet will declare the culmination of the involvement and commitment of the planet. That is, Sub Sub Lord of Cuspal Sub Sub Lord is a planet that gives hint of fruitfulness of the significationship of the planet for involved cusp s.

It becomes fruitful significator of those cusps if the planet is favourably com mitted. Star Lord shows involvement Cuspal Interlinks rule 5 : result. Forgot your username? Cuspal Interlinks rule 7 : Transit agreement is shown by the way of signification and excitation of relevant cusps in the natal chart. Loses all sectarian feelings and succeeds in acquiring the spirit of universalism. His greatest qualities will be integrity of character and honesty of thought. Various learned astrologers have analysed the charts of saints and revolutionary thinkers and justified their achievements as per the strength of the rising Ascendant, and placement of planets in the chart.

Their expositions, no doubt, match excellence and brilliance of highest quality. Their efforts beautifully demonstrate their knowledge in the field of Astrology. Often I wonder, if during the Ascendant a saint or great spiritual leader was born, when the planetary positions were so excellent then why only a particular saint or a thinker. The great revolutionary thinker of the twentieth century, Acharya Rajneesh, is reported to be born on These details have been obtained by great effort by my friend Mr. Jain, a senior Government officer.

Fig 9. Different authors have taken different time but all concentrated on the time period between Efforts were made to find out from persons close to Acharya Rajneesh so as to confirm this time period. The rectified chart is placed in fig 9. This is so because the Sub-Sub arc of Mercury in Mercury Sub is of 16 minutes and 2 second longitude. The ideal rate of rising of Ascendant is fifteen minutes per one minute of time. During the span of 16 minutes and 2 second longitude itself, the cuspal positions vary to account for the individuality of a specific birth.

The analysis is not limited to planetary positions but is based on cuspal interlinks of Sub-Sub arcs of different cuspal positions, which change even for a birth difference in seconds. This accounts for the sex of Acharya Rajneesh. Acharya Rajneesh in one of his discourses made a very bold and courageous statement about himself. I am consistently inconsistent. His boldness and courage is due to the fact that this Sub-Sub arc of Mercury is part of Mrigashira Nakshatra that rises on the Ascendant.

This can be interpreted as the birth of intellect Mercury , as a result of the union of mind and wisdom. Intellect is a concept which is a more conscious force, which governs over the largely unconscious mind. The particular astrological birth time when the soul of Acharya Rajneesh incarnated has to be ruled by the Sub-Sub arc of Mercury in Mrigashira Nakshatra to announce the birth of a person whose prime objective will be searching for new mental, emotional or physical experiences. The influence of Purvashada on Mercury is to infuse the native with attributes like adventurous spirit, wild exuberance, and philosophical zeal.

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K Jain could talk to Smt. Rasa Fauzdar, the immediate younger sister of Acharaya Rajneesh. It was checked that Moon was transiting at that time in Jupiter Star. Jupiter is in Cancer Sign and is in its own Sub-Sub. The female Sign Cancer rises on the third cusp and the Sub-Sub arc of Jupiter on the third cusp is in the first half. This confirms the sex of the younger co-born. The Sub-Sub lord of 4 th cusp is Rahu who has positional status.

Rahu is also the Sub-Sub lord of the 9 th cusp. Rahu is in Saturn star that is the Sign lord of 9 th house and is the Sub-Sub lord of the 11 th cusp. This clearly promises higher education. One can take teaching as a profession if the Sub-Sub lord of the 4 th or 9 th cusp involves the 10 th cusp through its star lord and commits to 2 nd or 6 th cusp.

Here in the chart we find Rahu is the Sub-Sub lord of both 4th and 9 th cusp. It is in Saturn star who is the lord of 10 th cusp. So the horoscope promises teaching as a profession. But Venus is also the Sub lord of the 5 th cusp. This accounts for temporary assignment. Sun was transiting in Sun star and Mercury Sub. Moon was transiting in Rahu Star that represents Jupiter. Readers can themselves see that all planets and transit of Sun and Moon justify death. Venus is the star lord of 8 th and 12 th cuspal positions.

Venus also occupies the fiery Sign Sagittarius. Is it that all saints have unnatural deaths? However in religious context the death of a saint is termed Samadhi Maran. Mystic Unity or Enlightenment. Astrology is both Esoteric and Exoteric. Esoteric Astrology deals with the abstract cause, the philosophy and inner or more subtle point of view. Exoteric Astrology is content with the effect, the practice, and the concrete or outer expression. It operates on the concepts which work in our Time and Space domain. Thus we say that any significant occurrence or event happens in the life of a person if it is promised.

Key to Learn Sub Sub Cuspal Interlinks Theory

The time of happening of the event is decided by the Dasa period lords who possess the capability to enact that event. The event is defined in Astrology by comparing its nature with the significations of a particular house called the primary house and also deciding the supporting houses. It is reported that Acharya Rajneesh had spiritual awakening or enlightenment on The learned astrologers have tried to explain this happening by the Dasa period which was running on How far an astrologer is justified to treat enlightenment as an event in terms of Exoteric or Esoteric Astrology?

What is enlightenment? Who can define enlightenment? Acharya Rajneesh in one of his discourses explained the paradoxical statement of the great Laotse, who said,. He who speaks does not know. You are in the world and yet you are not in the world. How can we explain this astrologically? Planets in Signs at the time when a soul incarnates represent the soul power or the evolutionary stage of individual soul, and House positions, on the other hand, are concrete expressions of mundane affairs of life in the physical body.

But do the planets position in Signs or Houses change within the span of time the particular Ascendant Sign rises? The Sub-Sub and Cuspal Interlink Theory narrows down the time gap between individual births to few seconds. It uses the cuspal significations which change fast enough and accounts for individual differences.

Moon is in Venus star and Saturn Sub. Thus Moon is linked through its Star lord with cusps 5, 8 and 12 and to cusps 9 and 11 though its Sub lord. Thus Jupiter is also linked through its Star lord with cusps 1,5,8,9,12 and commits to 9 th and 11 th cusps only relevant linkages have been shown. For suicide cusps 1, 8 and 12 are involved and for resurrection 9 and 11 are involved.

It is identification of the soul as separate from the physical body. Spiritual philosophy of Acharya is as per what the 9 th cusp and Ascendant promise. Rahu is placed in Pisces; the 12 th Sign of the natural Zodiac ruled by Jupiter. Rahu is in Uttarabhrapada. The symbol of this Nakshatra is a serpent with two and a half coils, symbolizing the kundalini, the primeval force at the base of the spine in human beings. This asterism symbolises enlightenment through the awakening of all the seven vital centres Chakra through the rising of the kundalini.

Blending it with the Sign Capricorn rising on the 9 th cusp indicates that Acharya had to be disinterested in everything. Such a person pays no importance to religious practices and performance of traditional rituals. Rahu as Jupiter in Cancer speaks of the person getting acquainted with spiritual teachings and traditional scriptures but often meets with frustration. But we cannot speak what he actually experienced on His insight is incisive, his freshness and dynamism speaks of his consistent inconsistency and we cannot conceive of anything which transcends his ego.

I want first of all to thank Mr Khullar and the managers of the list, for having set up the workshop. I have tried a few astrological methods before, but I had lost interest in them because they never gave me a strong impulse to continue learning them. With KCIL it has been a different story, since the beginning of the workshop I got very much excited by it and I have always tried to put time learning it. Practice makes perfect, so I will spend the next weeks and months to master all the principles. The workshop has been just marvelous and wonderful.

I really admire the patience and hard work of you both. Khullar deserves all the credit for developing this theory, and has done a fantastic service to the Astrology Community. The lessons in themselves have been very lucid and clear and almost all the lessons are self contained, in that the need to refer to the books was not felt except on very few occasions when specifically asked to do so. The hard work and the effort that must have gone in preparing these lessons and the way they have been presented by Mr. Khullar and Mr. Ron Gaunt deserves a lot of kudos. I never encountered a more logical system.

Compared to other systems this approach personalizes the horoscope in a very accurate way. It has been an extraordinary experience for us. I am sure other members of the group also share my feelings. The way the course was structured and presented shows that a lot of thought and care went into it. Thank you both, once again. A Great Job. Well Done. The system is highly fine-tuned to give very close prediction to minutes.

Any one who wants to improve his prediction ratings should not miss this opportunity.

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For the last 13 years of my astrological study I learnt many methods of analysis but none could provide me confidence by which I could say that Astrology is as scientific as any other science. It has cleared my concepts.

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Both of them have done for Astrology which according to my knowledge none other has done. My thanks to both to Mr. Khuller and Ron for an extraordinary amount of work, and excellent instruction.

KCIL gives clear and specific rules for checking various promises and timing of such events. I have no word to express his brilliance, and the effectiveness of the system. I have been lucky enough to go through all the lessons which are now being transcribed in the form of a concise compendium after rigorous synthesis. The clarity of thought and authority on subject makes this treatise a treasure for every enthusiast of CIL.


I belong to a family of vedic scholars and traditional astrologers and the cuspal interlinking theory has thrown many unknown points in astrology to light. It is in fact the most scientific way of predicting. Though, initially, the system appears to be complex in nature, once the same is understood, it is very interesting and amazing to give predictions. Khullar deserves all the credit for developing this theory and has done a fantastic service to the astrology community. The lessons in themselves have been very lucid and clear and almost all the lessons are self contained in that the need to refer to the books was not felt except on very few occasions when specifically asked to do so.

First and foremost I must express my deepest appreciation and thanks for the tremendous amount of work that you have put into structuring and preparing the KCIL lessons. The material has been presented in a way that makes it much easier to learn, comprehend and apply. Being a Professional Astrologer and teacher, after having learned and practiced many branches, techniques, and Systems of Astrology over the last four decades; I am at a loss for words to express how highly indebted and appreciative I am, for having been gifted the opportunity of being a student of Mr.

I remain totally in awe at the power of KCIL. KCIL is distinctively different in application from any astrological system in the works today. I continue to marvel at the genius of Mr. When Mr. The serious and dedicated student of KCIL will come away from this study richly rewarded. The KCIL Workshop material, now extended to the public in book form, is an amazing gift offered to the astrological community.

This type of knowledge is simply extraordinary, and I feel highly honored to have been a part of such a beautiful, rich, and rewarding astrological experience. A gift indeed! Human Being and Astrology 2. Special Conditions for Twins Charts 7. Taurus May develop a beautiful philosophy in impressive melodious language. Gemini Becomes highly intellectual, acquiring a special place for himself in society.

Cancer Earns money and spends on religious programs. Leo Makes the individual extremely head strong. Virgo Self-centeredness verging on immorality often guides the life of the individual. Libra Very demoralizing and spirituality is often bent into materialism. Scorpio Urge towards spiritual philosophy is great and the individual tries to acquire esoteric knowledge. Sagittarius Increased fire in the individual. Capricorn Likely to suffer from several family short comings. Aquarius Intensifies egotism so much that the individual will not consider any one his equal.

Pisces Struggles continually to improve his personal life. Taurus Urge for personal gratification is highly accentuated. Gemini Moved by a desire to help others by bringing unknown depths of knowledge and experience of universal life. Cancer Gets all the comforts and conveniences of life, but his selfishness is so deep- rooted that his mind is always worried about the sacrifices required for the spiritual life.

Leo Makes the individual very destructive, often bringing great calamity to himself and his family.

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Virgo The native is much influenced by his spouse and is much attached to his relatives. Libra Very strong mind. Scorpio Materialistic in approach. Sagittarius Intense interest in the occult and craves for higher values in life. Capricorn Respects learned persons, is very intelligent and capable of achieving much in life. Aquarius Urge to work for others and shares his wealth with the needy. Pisces Bestows respectability, produces clarity of vision and a deep, penetrating mind. Taurus Activates the mind and learns to work selflessly.

Gemini Desire to gain for himself all the pleasures of the world, name and fame and also sensual gratification. Cancer Work as Worship will be his motto. Leo Indulges in sensual pleasures which will bring him disrepute and cause problems in his career. Virgo Social action and intellectual achievement is his goal. Libra Well versed in religious scriptures and leads a simple life. Capricorn Acquires much money.

Aquarius Maintains association with persons advanced in material prosperity as well as in spirituality. Pisces Develops intellectual capacity to a very high level. Taurus Becomes highly non-sensitive to non-physical vibrations. Gemini Gets money for affluent living. Cancer Desirous of power and capable to use cruel means to satisfy his goals in life. Leo Great desire for luxury and comfort. Virgo Earns money and acquires social status and devotes himself to acts of religious merit. Libra Self- satisfaction and comfortable conditions in life. Scorpio Moral fiber of the person is very loose.

Sagittarius Urge towards sensual enjoyment. Capricorn Rises in social and financial status but declines in moral conduct. Aquarius Establishes clandestine relationships but realizes in the end the futility of such attainments. Pisces Provides status, social responsibilities, and a sound mind. Taurus Begins spiritual lessons differently. Gemini Will be attracted to spiritual disciplines but only for personal gains.

Cancer Impelled to seek power by any means. Leo Possesses much courage and profound devotion. Virgo Unable to find sexual satisfaction. Libra Dedicated to his ideals. Scorpio May succeed in exploring the unknown. Sagittarius Earnest desire to transform his life by jumping into spiritual exploration. Capricorn Pre-occupied with his goal. Aquarius Strives hard to achieve social and professional status.

Pisces Native would dominate others and his life will be a kind of Mission. Taurus Lacks inner satisfaction but gets riches and wealth. Gemini Spends some time on meditation. Cancer Gets acquainted with spiritual teachings and traditional scriptures but often meats with frustrations. Leo Possesses extraordinary store of patience, wisdom, morality and self-control. Make pilgrimages and contributes generously to charity Libra Follows his chosen path with great determination.

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Scorpio Interest in the hidden side of life will be heightened. Sagittarius Gains respectable status. Capricorn Tries to lead a controlled and indulgent life. Aquarius Explores the world of spirituality. Pisces Deeply committed to ancient history, traditional religion, and the revival of spiritual culture. Taurus Gets every thing in life except inner peace. Gemini Will enjoy power and position, and will be interested in a philosophic life. Cancer Will be hungry for power, and lack in a sense of moral propriety. Leo Will consciously choose renunciation and spiritual life.

Virgo Will be a religious leader but there will be contradictions in his teachings and in his actions. Libra May have an urge to renounce almost everything. Scorpio Selfless person dedicated to helping others and carrying out social responsibilities.

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Sagittarius Spiritual quest will begin with a bang. Capricorn Will be disinterested in everything. Aquarius Strong ego. Pisces Will be an occultist and deeply interested in spiritual exploration. Taurus Gets knowledge of Art of living. Gemini Will be fatalistic, frustrated and sorrowful. Cancer Will rebel against all established religions. Leo Will mix with others without losing his individuality. Virgo Leans toward alternate forms of sexual expression and financial manipulations.

Libra Sharp mind. Sagittarius Persistent in his approach and will have fixed idea which guides his actions. Capricorn Will lead a materialistic and sensual life.


Aquarius Will involve in magic, alchemy, and the cure of physical ailments by the use of spiritual power. Pisces Will be great spiritualist and will himself follow spirituality in word and spirit. Taurus Denies the native of physical gratification, and impels him to rise to higher states of consciousness.

Gemini Makes the individual philosophical, a searcher for reality. Cancer Makes the individual psychic as well as abnormally critical of established religious practices and traditional philosophy. Leo Despite the status and position, the individual remains sad. Virgo Basically honest and pious, tunes himself to a higher spiritual mode.

Libra A philosopher who turns away from luxury, sensual gratification, family pleasure and advantages of wealth and property. Scorpio Makes efforts to secure a true insight into spiritual secrets.