February 20 aries daily horoscope

As I suppose most of you already know, your zodiac sign depends on the day and month you were born.

We present a table of horoscopes by dates so you can answer the question. The exact moment in which we are born has a direct relationship with our way of seeing the life and personality of our sign. The horoscope together with your date of birth and calculate the corresponding ascending will help you to get an idea of the character and identity that the stars print on us.

آپ کا دن کیسا گزرے گا؟

This is a general idea, you can always customize yourself much more with a good astral chart by professional astrologers. In addition to calculating your ascendant, you can obtain more data and possible behavioral patterns for each specific sign.

But remember, the exception confirms the rule. Although the horoscope tries to mark your personality, the last word in your way of being is only yours, and the attitude with which you decide to face life.

Daily Horoscope Readings

Dates and ascending horoscopes Aries: Date of birth from March 21 to April Dates and ascendant of the Taurus signs: Date of birth from April 20 to May Your ascending according to your time of birth is:. Ascendant and dates of the Gemini horoscope: Date of birth from May 21 to June Dates and ascendant of the Leo horoscope: Date of birth from July 23 to August What is the date and ascendant of the Virgo horoscopes: Date of birth from August 23 to September Date and ascendant of the Libra horoscopes: Date of birth from September 23 to October What is the date and ascendant of the Scorpio horoscope: Date of birth from October 23 to November Ascendant and date of the Sagittarius horoscope: Date of birth from November 22 to December What is the date and ascendant of Capricorn horoscopes: Date of birth from December 22 to January Looks like your cookies are disabled.

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