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At the same time, since it contains Jupiter, the ruler of her MC, we can also see how she is famous among young people for her books. On Twitter and on Pottermore she has demonstrated a genuine affection for her fans. She has taken on a kind of parental or stewardly role toward the next generation, advocating for youth and children, and many other political causes typically shared by her fans. This would suggest being a mediator of sorts, especially with the general public, of or relating to the topic of relationships. Interestingly in this article about what Prince William and Kate Middleton do all day , there is a list of their royal duties:.

Overall, every year, the Royal Family as a whole carries out over 2, official engagements which can include things like state funerals, national festivities or presenting honors ; entertains over 70, people at dinners, lunches, receptions and garden parties at the royal residences; and receives and answers , letters.

Which is a fairly plain description of Mercury ruling the 10th in the 7th. His Ascendant ruler Jupiter, is conjunct his MC, appropriate for his royal status.

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But how should we interpret the MC in Scorpio 12th? Depending on the sign s and planet s involved this might mean working in a charity, working with those suffering spiritually, emotionally or mentally, or working behind the scenes to support the success of others. It might mean working in a setting that involves retreat or being separated from society, like a hospital, prison, retreat centre or other facility where people go to health and recover addiction treatment centre for instance.

Just a few months after she wrote this, William announced the formation of a new charity to destigmatize and provide assistance for people with mental health issues, called Heads Together. The 12th house is a diurnal house which is supposed to relate more to the spirit or mind. The 12th is the Joy of Saturn, because like Saturn, the 12th is diurnal and malefic. And so the 12th relates to some Saturnian topics like suffering in the realm of the mind and spirit, which is pretty descriptive of mental health issues. His home is a swanky apartment at the lavish and opulent Kensington Palace, and likely will one day live in the world-famous Buckingham Palace.

The 6th house relates to struggle, servitude and servants, because a planet in the 6th is pushed down by diurnal motion while it struggles to rise up against it in zodiacal motion.

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He was largely raised by nannies rather than by his mother and father, especially after his mother Princess Diana died, and nannies would certainly qualify as 6th house employees or servants. Interestingly, Venus is present in the Taurus 6th. According to Valens, the Sun represents the father and Venus represents the mother in day charts. Since Venus is in the sign of his IC, perhaps it indicates she had a bigger influence on him than his father. After all, the press noted how she actively chafed at the nannies forming bonds with her children.

His father the Prince of Whales Wales would be represented by his recently eclipsed Sun in the 8th, a perennial King-in-waiting. With the MC in the 8th, the most significant actions of their life or their period of greatest renown may not be defined by the journey they take, by the actions in their career or by the consequences of those actions.

Instead, their most personally significant actions and reputation revolve around or are defined by the consequences and topics of loss and death, somehow shady, tainted, compromised. Pisces 10th — His time in high office was characterized by his Pisces 10th House ruled by Jupiter in the 12th house, which seems to indicate actions characterized by betrayal, adversarial alliances, or good intentions with deleterious consequences.

In so many ways, his public career had the appearance of being good Jupiter while not always actually being good 12th. His reputation was brought down so low as a result of the Iraq War that he resigned from the office of Prime Minister. On the other hand he did help negotiate peace in Ireland, establishing friendship between enemies Jupiter in the 12th. A solar eclipse in Pisces on March 9th directly preceded his election as Prime Minister on May 2nd This suggested the beginning of a new chapter in his career and public reputation, because it happened in his Whole Sign 10th house.

The Iraq War began with the ingress of Uranus into Pisces, his Whole Sign 10th house, foretelling the chaotic disruption this event would ultimately have for his time in office. He announced his resignation as party leader on September 7th , the very day of a lunar eclipse in Pisces, his Whole Sign 10th house. This showed he had gone as far as he could go, just as the Moon goes as far from the Sun as it can at a lunar eclipse.

Less than a year later, he formally resigned as Prime Minister. This was true in a very literal sense — it was only due to the sudden death of the Labor Party leader John Smith on May 12th that Blair had his chance to run for Labor Party leader, which he would use as a launchpad for Prime Minister. On the day this tainted opportunity arose, Uranus was exactly on the degree of his Midheaven in the 8th House. A sudden death indeed. A couple of months later, he was elected the new Labor Party leader. The ruler of the 8th, Saturn, was transiting through his whole sign 10th.

Once Neptune reached 26 Capricorn, he was elected Prime Minister.

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Ultimately, he lost his position due to the rising death toll in the Iraq War, so in another literal sense, his career hinged upon the 8th house topics of loss and death. Saturn is definitely a player in the outcome of his career, as it was at his first Saturn Return that he became an MP for the first time in Virgo 4th — His whole sign 4th house is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury in the Aries 11th.

His Mercury also rules his Ascendant. This is generally true for all Gemini Risings — Mercury will rule their 1st and 4th houses. His father was a scrappy self-made lawyer, which is a Mercurial job since it primarily involves argumentation and parsing legalese. He had unfulfilled political ambitions. Blair would go on to become a Mercurial politician himself, showing the connection between the 4th and the 1st house being ruled by the same planet. Interestingly, before Blair got into politics, he was a notably talented theatrical and musical performer in his teen years and young adulthood, which are also Mercurial pursuits.

Mercury sure does signify a lot!

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  7. What is fascinating about this is that because his father was adopted, Tony Blair never knew who his real grandparents were, but it appears he inherited their Mercurial gifts as well:. His natural grandparents his father was adopted had been actors and dancers, and Blair followed in their footsteps during his student days. He got rave reviews for his performances at Fettes College, organized gigs for rock groups, and later as a student at St. Between the ages of 2 and 5, Tony Blair lived in Australia where his father was a law professor briefly.

    In general however, this shows that in addition to his inherited origins, there was an incidental foundation for his life and career that was related to the concept of necessity, material scarcity or abundance. Devastatingly, Leo had a stroke right before the election, rendering him unable to speak. As Leo convalesced over the next three years, Tony and his siblings, older brother Bill and younger sister Sarah, learned to fend for themselves and adapt to stressful financial difficulties. It imposed a certain discipline. We can see that the ruler of the IC, the Moon, is in the 9th house of law and politics.

    There is no other path for them nor do they want it. They do not want anyone to guide them, let alone try to change their attitude or methods. Stubbornness is literally embodied in the sign of Capricorn; with Medium Coeli in Capricorn, it makes one extremely strong-willed and determined personality and it could indeed be useful. It could be bad, as well. Midheaven Capricorns are strict in anything they do, organized and disciplined. These people are realistic and with both of their feet on the ground. They are capable of creating the conditions they find the most fitting for themselves, in any environment and they have the power of persuasion.

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    Any profession that requires analytical work, responsibility and the sense of duty might be their call. They are typically their own bosses. Midheaven Capricorns care a lot about the impression they leave in public and want to be known as people who have created everything they have by their own hands. Having Immum Coeli in Cancer and being very devoted to family values could make them put family in front of their personal ambitions. If it happens that their aspects are not much favorable, they suffer from the complex of minor value. It usually comes from unrealistic expectations of their own parents.

    It makes difficult for them to be satisfied with their own achievements and enjoy fruits of their own work. It could also make them feel as if they do not deserve success at all, so they feel guilty about it. These things are manageable, but it is essential that a person becomes aware of these burdens of false expectations. Midheaven Capricorns are greatly independent and self-reliable people. They do not need assistance and they do not like anyone to mess up with their business.

    On the other hand, they have perfect sense of order, responsibility and duty, so they can organize other people and motivate them. They respect others achievements and efforts. They literally draw their own path to success and are not afraid of going to extremes, if the situation requires. Their goals are security and stability, which is commonly associated with the idea of family. It is likely they could be the ones to start a great family tradition, in terms of business.

    People with Medium Coeli in Capricorn are usually on good voice for their achievements. Although not particularly warm and lovable, these people inspire great respect in others. It rarely happens others could characterize them as bad ones.

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    The sense of duty, honesty, honor and respect are what crowns their professional attitude and the idea of success. While one might say stubbornness is a negative side of Midheaven in Capricorn it actually does not do these ones much harm. They will go head through the wall, but they are aware of that and they do it deliberately. They push to their limits, until something proves impossible to do.

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    For a time, at least. They are capable of standing on their feet again and moving forward, without any help. The biggest problem is insecurity, which might come with too high expectations they have of themselves, usually inherited. It makes them feel is if they are never good enough, no matter how successful they are. They might appear stone cold and proud of themselves, while deep inside they feel inadequate. Midheaven in Capricorn makes one highly responsible, dutiful person that takes their business seriously.

    These people feel good when in charge of things, so they usually start their own business. Though the Ascendant plays an important role as to how you recognise yourself, your personality and sense of individuality, your Imum Coeli, Descendant and Midheaven also play an integral role to core components of who you are in relation to the context of your family, relationships and in the eye of the public.

    And bringing the romantic partner into the family life can initially cause a sense of tension? In this segment, we are going to explore how the sign on your Midheaven can display how you are perceived in the eye of the public.