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The contents details of the calculations and predictions are described here under. This will be done as per the requirement of the modules. We are having a vast database of the cities of the world with latitude, longitude, Zone and automatic Time Correction which are being used in the calculations. All these things will be provided through the web service technology. To put it precisely, all the fundamental principles of these esoteric subjects are taught under one roof to let the students grasp the subject in its entirety.

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Brihat Parashar Patrika Know More. Bhrigu Patrika Know More. Kundli Darpan Know More. Match Analysis Know More. Free Kundli Free Matching. Prediction Aries. Laxmi Puja. Baglamukhi Puja. Navagraha Puja. General predictions: Cotton market is expected to flare up when the Sun and Mars join in a Nakshatra. This is a principle to be watched and applied. Connected to corporate astrology, a mention to the recent solar eclipse on 24th October, is inevitable. It had an impact of increasing the cost of ghee, edible oils, oil seeds, wheat, food grains, apples, carpets, tomatoes etc.

Commodities represented: Shipping, exports, alcohols, aerated water, cold drinks rather than all liquids , salts, silver jewellery, aluminium products, boat clubs, swimming pools. Snow, powdered products, mild perfumes, marine products, conch, coconuts, stout sugarcane, water tanks, whiteness and white things, fishing and fish industry, honey, umbrella Rahu also governs umbrella , refined clothes etc.

Persons ruled by Moon: Cancerians 22nd June to 23 July or those born on 2, 11 or 29 will gain from the above mentioned commodities or companies dealing in them. They are cautiously enterprising people and benefit from long. Intuition is Gods gift to them and they profit from such intuition and impulsive trading.

They are acquainted with highly influential VIPs. Some times, they earn more if they do business in the names of other persons. They are well-informed about the latest market conditions. They earn their fortune from exports or through over-sea connections. Saravana - Curd, buttermilk, milk, holy water say, of river anges , betelnuts, chemicals, medicines, cast iron, lead etc.

General Predictions: Up swing and down swing in the market and daily fluctuation in the share market are governed by Moon and Mercury supported by the benefic or malefic influence of Jupiter the Significator of plenty and prosperity as well as responsible for slump and depreciation. Persons ruled by Mars: Aries born i. Similarly persons born on 9, 18, and 27 also benefit. However it is found that Ariens are hasty while Scorpions are sturdy.

Ariens are not dynamic enough to take more risks. Scorpions are mature, patient and gain from longterm investments:. General Predictions: Ariens stand to gain during transit of Jupiter over Sagittarius. They were advised to unload their unwanted shares before Persons born between 22nd May to 21st June Gemini and 24th August and 23rd September Virgo gain from the above fields.

Persons born on 5,14, 23, also benefit. They are a class of pure intellectuals like business magnets, chartered accountants brokers, finance, money lenders etc. Most of these persons benefit from the share market. Gemini, though double minded, are great entrepreneurs. Virgo persons are wise investors, business counselors, business administrators. Ashlesha pure silver, mercury quick silver , sugar candy, green grass, juicy vegetables, water animals i. Persons ruled by Jupiter: Persons born between 23rd November to 21st December Sagittarius , and persons born between 20th February to 20th March Pisces and persons born on 3, 12, 21, can prosper from long term investments and long-term financial schemes.

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Pisceans should be careful because rich dividends may not come on account of Saturn. Sagittarian can reap good income as Rahu can bring unexpected results too. Companies governed by Jupiter: Paper and pulp industry, tree processing. Tata tea, Raymond woolen, companies dealing in edible oils. General Predictions: If Jupiter aspects the Sun immediately on its entry into another sign, the slump in the cotton and oil seeds market cannot be ruled out. There is over recession whenever Saturn is in opposition with Jupiter.

Thursday ruled by Jupiter is also eventful. There will be a general fall in share and commodity market when there are 5 Thursdays in the Indian Month. Persons governed by Venus: Taurus 21st April to 21st May Librans 24th September to 23rd October and those born on 6, 15 and 24 would gain from the above fields. Librans are more enterprising and commercial minded. Taureans are security minded. They get easy money sometimes without much efforts.

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Librans have to work hard. Taureans earn from long term investment. Hotel companies, Colgate Palmolive etc. General Predictions: Taureans are warned about their earnings from share with effect from Advised they must dispose their unwanted shares before that date. Librans would be lucky but are advised not to be over-speculative. Persons born on 6, 15, 24 of any month must avoid jumping to conclusion. With the entry of venus into Sagittaius, the cotton market is expected to fall within 24 hours. Persons governed by Saturn: Capricorn 22nd December to 20th Jan.

Capricornians are basically hard - working and need security in life.

Aquarians are fast. Speculative end in enormous losses at times. Trading in Shares and risky market deals should be avoided by these persons, especially those born on 8, 17, 26 of any month. Only long-term investments are helpful. They are amply rewarded by undertaking slow moving projects. Anuradha Foods, rise, grains, jowar, coconut, groundnuts, chemicals especially those connected with earth. Uttarabhadra Drugs, strong wines. Vicious drinks, tobacco, stones, boots, leather, sugarcane etc. Comoanies governed by Saturn: Tata Steel etc. General Predictions: Solar ingress on Saturdays results in good rise in cotton and oil seeds market.

Similarly, Saturn with Mars aspecting the Sun may flare up the markets. Note: Rahu and Ketu have not been discussed here. However their effects have to be deduced from their placement, association, etc. Keeping in mind the proverb Shani Vat Rahu Kuja vat ketu i. Rahu is Saturn and ketu is mars. Shanker Adawal. These are derived from the bible of Mundane Astrology that is Brihat Samhita. There are not a lot of learning matter available for Vedic Astrology and I am in process of getting a book called Vyapar Ratna which is supposed to contain specifics on movement in commodities markets.

I apologize that there are no examples, charts or other details in this article as I am still learning. I will try to share information as and when I get it. The tools that are very important are panchanga and an astrology chart for the morning time for stock market. We need to note the nakshatra, rashi and position of other planets. Rest is driven by the knowledge of astrology. Traders and Timing. Depending on the Moon transit, traders should keep away from trading if Moon is in transit through their 2nd house , 8th or 12th house Mechanism for prediction.

Aspect from Sun or Sun in the house governed by a planet indicates favour or impediment from government depending on the nature or Sun in the horoscope.

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Mercury is similar effect, associated with rumours and indecisiveness if Mercury has negative aspects. Mars indicates high volume trading and fluctuations. Jupiter expansion in the industry and growth. Overproduction, glut, increase supply, reduce cost. Saturn: good aspect will steady the market and long term growth; bad aspect will case long term depression. Commodity prices will grow because of short supply general frustration due to such price rise. The online panchanga on this site should definitely help.

Investment should be avoided in Sharp, Fixed and Mixed nakshatras. If you want to make speculative gains, then you need to have stronger 5th, 11th house in your birth chart. Besides ruling planets Gochara need to support trading for you. No matter what it is not possible to predict the price of a commodity correctly and consistantly all the time using the planets movement.

You need to watch the word consistantly on my previous line. We can map that when moon is transiting on this sign lets say Leo , the price of Gold will go down. But this pattern will be limited for couple of months but this will change. I have written this article to help you to choose the right commodities for trading but it does not reflect the price action upward or downward for any commodities. In case, if you are having benefic Jupiter or Sun on the transit, then you can see trading in Gold investments can give you good fortunes.

In case,. The following is an example, most people will feel it: 1. A person is having benefic Jupiter but Malefic Saturn on the transit. Benefic Jupiter can give him good profits and he decides to trade in both Crude Oil and Gold. He is successful in trading with big profits in Gold let it be any side he makes the bet, that is long position or short position.

He books a big loss in crude oil investments. He tried both short side or long side play. No matter which side is on the trade. Whatever the person does, the market will make exact opposite move to that person. The important point here is same planet is responsible for pushing the price up and down through the same aspect.

That's why I see if anyone astrologer says that price action can be predicted by astrology everytime correctly, then it is wrong. The pattern might work for couple of days but not all the time since there are so many players in the market. I have explained how the money is lost and gained here.

Gold trading is ruled by Jupiter. In the transit, Jupiter would be favorable for 5 moon signs and unfavorable for 7 moon signs. Both upward and downward price movement is determined by the same planet, in this case Jupiter. Jupiter will make sure on how to lose money through Gold trading when it is unfavorable and give big fortunes for the traders having favorable Jupiter.

If you are having unfavorable Jupiter and Sun on transit, then it is not possible to make money through Gold trading. At most, you can reach break even, provided other planets are in good position and you have got good natal chart support. In case, if you make money on your gold trade with unfavorbale Jupiter, then you need to revisit astrology - the transit effects of Jupiter would have been nullified by Gochara Vedhas and other benefic planets on transit.

The thumb rule here is by knowing astrology, you can not change your fortune. But you can increase your mental strength to accept the incidents and pass the hard time smoothly. Consequently the bottom line is, if anyone says that they can predict the price of any stock or commodities, keep in mind that your natal chart also need to support that. So it is better to check.

Normally astrologers should avoid giving predictions on Parameters relating to speculation but for astrology sake and for up coming students and Astrology lovers I am writing this article. According to Vypar Ratna Goyal publication the following points should also be borne in mind while analysing the Prices of Gold. Rahu-Kaal The Prices will take a Reverse turn. If Solar ingress is taking place at the time of Krishna Paksh then there will be bullish trend in the prices.

If Solar Ingress is taking place in a Particular day and Amavasya is also falling in that Day then there will be rise in prices. At the time of Solar ingress the Nakshatra gives us indication of Rise or fall in prices according to Sankranti Muhuratha and are of 3 kinds 15th Muhuratha, 30 Muhuratha and 45 muhuratha. The Day of ingress and the Nakshatra Results are seen from another chakra.

Brihat Samhita clearly says the Gold should be Purchased , when Sun is in Leo and should be sold after 5 months to gain profits in general. When ever Sun is forming a rajyoga in a good house the prices of Gold will become Bullish. When Sun enters Sagitarius the prices of gold start to go up. When ever Sun is in Kendra from Aries Gold should be sold to make profits. When in a friendly sign the chances of Gold to go up are there. Jupiter and Sun remain in a sign then prices will go up. Solar ingress chart of Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra given importance to see the Placement of Sun and affliction on it.

Some more Parameters for rise in Prices 1. Therefore Prices can fall after Mars ingresses in Libra on the 14th July Sun In Libra then gold prices go up , hence from 17th Oct to 16th Nov. Prices can go up, but should not be afflicted, but since Sun will be afflicted by Saturn, the prices may not go up. Rahu and Mars together in a sign will be together on the 4th Feb till 25th March and then for a day on the 14th July 7.

Jupiter in own nakshatra on the 25th April , the prices will rise again after fall. Rahu in Cancer steep rise. Venus in Rohini and Saturn in Krittika then Prices go up. Sun Forming yogas and unafflicted in Aries. Down Fall in Gold Prices 1.

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Sun in Anuradha nakshatra. Mercury in Pushya nakshatra in Cancer sign. Mercury in Gemini. Jupiter in Bharini in Aries sign 5. Venus in Punarvasu nakshatra in Gemini and starting cancer sign.

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Venus in Jyestha nakshatra. Saturn retrograde Gold drops and aspects Sun at degrees maximum fall, hence 11th May maximum can fall.

Jupiter ahead of Sun and rising in east. Mercury after Sun immediately west rising Saturn combusted in the west Mars leaving Taurus sign Jupiter in Rahu nak. Sun is afflicted along with Aries sign in the Solar ingress of Aries. Jupiter R from 7th November to 7th March Gold prices go down when Saturn and Jupiter are at angle with Pluto, they peak high when they are all conjunct, also when Jupiter and Pluto conjunct and Saturn trine.